Fruity juice 3D Animation and advertisement Project

Fruity juice
3D Animation and advertisement Project

This is a personal Project to Study the process of standings and to study the mash network. Also skilled up some Look development Processes through this.

This is the final comp. Final Video clip can seen from below link.
Process Explained.

1. Sketched some concepts using collected References.
2. Selected a Composition that i liked from those concepts.
3. Blocked out the scene with low Polly objects.
4. Started Building the Assets. 
                                     This starts from Base rock Sculpting on Maya and Z-Brush. then the bottles and table Detailing. After this i have used a low poly rock to support the front big tree inside speed tree. I have used my own leaf and wood bark textures that i scanned and Photographed recently. used Photoshop to generate Necessary maps (Normal, Color, Alpha, Specular,SSS, etc) for them. 
                                     Also i have Made some different types of plants to support scene creation, Most of them are Low poly models. I kept them low poly because i had to populate them true the scene. Yes i have mentioned I'm using standings for this, but i thought PC power for the rendering Might not enough for this work;) Although it is law poly vegetation I think they have done a reasonable job on this scene creation. (apart from the Main tree Leaves - I might add bit more details on those leave i guess. But this is a test scene, so i now know the thing i needs to improve on a real production.)

5.Texture creation and Look development.
                                       Apart from the leaf and Wood bark textures i used from my photo grapes and scans. I have used Substance designer, substance painter, Substance B2M to create several other textures for the created objects.
Some Textures I created For this scene
And for the tree bark I have used Mari to strengthen the bark texture i have created from Substance painter and Designer. All the Objects then textured and Look developed using Arnold in Maya used a 2 light setup to test the materials. for this i have used PBR texturing and rendering method to suit the later scene creation process (All the maps generated are 4K)

6. Scene Creation.
                                       I have converted all the objects i have created in to standins. Then used Mash network to add elements (mainly the ecosystem)

7. Lighting the scene.
                                        For this, first i have used several HDR maps and after choosing a proper light angle i have made a 32bit atmosphere map by using VUE extrema. Used two lights to light the scene, one dome light and one directional light.

8. Rendering.
                                        In this case i have tested the best render option on Arnold and decided best possible setup for my lickings. I have to Focus mainly on render time and final quality of the frames.
in this case i have used several render AOV output to ease in the composting work. And i have used cryptomatte instead of render layers. I did this mainly to test the cryptomatte system because i haven't used this before. 

9. Compositing.
                                          As i said earlier the cryptomatte option worked well on color correction and mask generation work. But i guess i might use both Processes (Render layers along with cryptomatte) on my later project. Means More flexibility in composting workflow.

 Final Graded Video Clip

Work Experience

February 2006 – April 2007 - Graphic Designer & Digital Printer

April 2007 – December 2007 - Graphic Designer & Digital Printer

December 2007 – January 2010 - Graphic designer

January 2010 – March 2012 - Creative Designer & Studio Photographer

From 2012 till Now working as a Freelance Designer and CG artist

Software Use
Marvolus Designer
3Ds Max
Premiere Pro
Clarisse Ifx
Substance Designer
Substance Painter
Vue Extreme
World Machine